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I really can't believe how many of these technologies I have never even heard of! VoiceThread is another wonderful new fun toy to play with. It is defined as; "a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate pages and leave comments" (VoiceThread, 2009).

Comments can be left in a number of ways:
  • voice (with a mic or telephone)
  • text
  • audio file
  • video
VoiceThreads are really easy to create. I created one specifically for use in my year 2 prac class. It was a calendar and I had images of the sun shining, rain, clouds and storms with question marks next to each one. My idea was to allow each learner time on the computer to take turns commenting the days with their weather report. My aim would be to increase their knowledge over time. Rather than the learners simply saying sunny, they could add things like what they would wear each day. As the calendar went on, the amount of images with question marks beside them increased, so learners would have a visual prompt of what to say. I needed to create the finished images myself through adding other images to the calendar in another document before I was actually able to upload them to VoiceThread. The process took awhile but it will definitely enhance learning. Before I discovered VoiceThread, the learners were simply drawing the symbols onto calendars in their books. Now it is a lot more interactive, engaging, interesting and exciting.

VoiceThreads could be effectively utilised through the Multiple Intelligences Framework. Visual Smart learners would be catered for through the use of the images. People Smart learners would be catered for through being able to respond and discuss comments online. Myself Smart learners would be catered for as they will be able to show their strengths and weaknesses through posting a comment about the thread. Number Smart learners could be catered for through incorporating numbers into the thread. Also, page numbers could be added. Music Smart learners could be catered for through incorporating music into the thread. Finally, Nature Smart learners could be catered for through incorporating visual images of animals and the environment (Birmingham City Council. 2002-2009).

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