Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Lake Powell, originally uploaded by Wolfgang Staudt.

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This is my first look at Flickr and wow, there are some amazing images available and an immense amount of them. The image above is amazing, with it's clear colours and ripples on the water. It's great that there is a place where legally, it would be fine for learners to use images. Also, these images are of very high quality. They are outstandingly better than Google Images. It is very easy to find images on the site. Learners could all be linked through contacts and so would be able to see each others favourites and share images. This would be catering for learner's loving and belonging need in Mazlow's Hierarchy of Needs (Kunc, 1992). Learners would be making connections with their peers and sharing. It also has the capability for learners to use outside of school hours.

Flickr definitely promotes creativity. 
Creativity can be defined as; "seeing things that everyone around us sees while making connections that no on else has made" (Kneller, 1965). The wonderful images will broaden learner's awareness of the world and will cause them to respond with wonderment and awe. This is a positive Habit of Mind (Costa & Kallick, 2008). I know that as I was exploring the site and looking at the wonderful images, I wanted to get out their and photograph some of my own! I am sure that some learners would feel similar to this too. Perhaps the learning manager could use this site to lead into a lesson on photography and the importance of images. Learning managers can even just use this site for themselves to create powerpoints and websites that are more aesthetically pleasing and stimulating to learners, particularly visual learners. I love this new technology, I am so glad that I am now aware of it and can utilise it in my classroom. It can definitely be used to support and enhance learning experiences.

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