Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flickr within the Classroom

Hello everyone,

Wow, the learners in my classroom absolutely love Flickr! They were keen to play on it all day. Particularly with photos of themselves! They really enjoyed being able to share images with each other. I asked the learners to search for images that describes an aspect of the weather, and to write a brief explanation of why they chose the images. The learners found some wonderful images and it was really interesting to see their understandings so far. For example one of the learners posted this image:

His explanation for choosing the image was; "This picture shows the weather when it is stormy. There is lots of lightning coming from the clouds. I chose this because we learnt about storms on Friday."

This was another image chosen by another learner. She explained; "clouds are in the sky and they can form rain. The clouds in this picture aren't big enough for rain yet.I enjoyed learning about clouds. I always like looking at them up in the sky too.

There weren't really any challenges. Fortunately, all of the learners had access to a computer and the Internet at home so that made it easier for them to upload their own images. Using Flickr was lovely. It was a new and exciting tool that the learners had never seen before! The learners are showing connectivism through the sharing of images (Siemens, 2004). Also the need for love and belonging in Mazlow's Hierarchy of Needs is catered for (Kunc, 1992). Learners are building connections and relationships through sharing their images with one another. This activity caters wonderfully for visual learners.




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Erin Thomas said...

Hi Kira,
What a wonderful way to incorporate ICT's into your classroom. I would assume that some of the students might not have seen live images such as your first picture!
I wonder if they could eventually start describing the aspects of the images, such as identifying the cloud type etc.
Thank you for your insight!

Regards, Erin

Kira said...

Hi Erin,

Thank you. Yes, the learners loved the experience. They were very amazed at the images. I agree that it would be great for them to be able to identify cloud type, as they build up a solid knowledge base.



Miss Jane said...

Kira - what a great way for the students to demonstrate their understandings. For them to find a picture that resonates with them and to explain why the image was chosen was a wonderful example of the students' declarative knowledge.

Kira said...

Hi Jane,

Thankyou. The learners enjoyed the experience immensely. I would really recommend this learning experience.



Jasmin said...

Hi Kira

Like Jane and Erin I think this is a great way to incorporate ICT's into the classroom. It is also great to hear from someone who has tried this and it was successful!!

Good luck


Kira said...

Hello Jasmin,

Thankyou it is great to read positive feedback for lesson ideas. The experience was indeed very successful and I would highly recommend it!