Wednesday, August 19, 2009

File Storage

Morning all,

File Storage places are wonderful websites that allow for the easy sharing and uploading of files. They are a great area for files to be stored. Now there can be no more excuses for the computer crashed or the USB was stolen/broke! This also allows for easy file sharing. The technology has many other fantastic components which include unlimited storage, image galleries, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited downloads.

I used MediaFire to upload and share this document:

It is a very simple and easy to use tool and could be utilised within the classroom. It could be used to share files with learners' parents. It could be used for the sharing of worksheets that learners may have missed through being away. Learners could create their own documents at home as part of homework and could hand in the URLs for the learning manager. Learners could use the technology to share files with one another in the classroom. It could be used through the sharing of images and videos for parents and learners. The ICT Learning Design Framework (Oliver, 1999) could be utilised in these learning experiences. Learners could have the opportunity to complete an authentic ill-structured problem scenario using a PowerPoint. Learners who didn't have access to the computer at home would be given extra access during school hours to complete the task. Finally, the learning manager could scaffold experiences at school around the problem which would cause learners to understand and be able to complete the task. The learners would then submit their work online through a URL posting. Other learners would have the opportunity to give comments and feedback. This is promoting connectivism within the classroom (Siemens, 2004).




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Sharon Roi said...

Hi Kira,

I have to agree with you, I think a similar effect could be gained by creating a photostory and uploading it to a file storage site such as MediaFire for storage and distribution.

I have had numerous problems with the SlideShare site and am still to successfully create a slidecast. As you say the sign in process is simple but it's all downhill from there. Firstly I had problems with the powerpoint file, then when that was finally fixed I'm now struggling with the mp3 file. It all seems like very hard work to me.

Within the couresware I read that not all these tools we are investigating are the best of there type, but it is claimed they are reliable. In this case, I think I'd be looking for an alternative.

All the best, Sharon

Kira said...

Hi Sharon,

It is true that MediaFire is easier to utilise than SlideShare.

Oh ok, thanks for that information about some of the tools we are investigating not being the best. I wasn't aware of that. It is true though that is important for tools to be reliable. :)