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Welcome everyone,

My name is Kira and I am studying to become a learning manager. There are many things which encompass being a fantastic learning manager. One, which arguably is the most important, is the aspect of lifelong learning. Learning managers need to be able to do this in order to develop and provide the very best possible learning experiences for all learners as the world changes and advances. 

Technology is an important aspect to the emerging modern age. Learners need to be equipped with the skills necessary to develop and succeed in the world. Therefore I believe that it is very important for learning managers to have an understanding and to develop the skills necessary to scaffold learning experiences in which learners have many opportunities to use and gain knowledge for technology. Also, learners are so interested and keen on the use of technology and so through incorporating technology into teaching, there will be more likelihood for all learners to be engaged and to succeed.

Personally, my technology journey has progressed throughout my entire life. I have always been surrounded by technology. In particular, these are some of the stand-out moments for me. 
  • At the age of five, dad brought home a laptop from work. I spent hours playing 'Tetris' on it.
  • By the age of six, we had an actual computer at home where I spent even longer on 'Kids Pix' creating images and pictures.
  • By the age of eight, there began to be computers in the classroom at school.
  •  At nine years of age, we had computer labs and these were always available throughout the rest of my schooling years. I particularly remember being taught to use google and being able to use it but not really knowing what for. Everyone talked about the 'world wide web' and the 'internet' as this great thing but I still didn't really see the point of it. Now, I would probably struggle to function without it!!
  • By year 7 when I was 12, I had begun to use MSN and hotmail. MSN became a nightly social experience. 
  • I had a mobile phone in grade 8 just before it seemed that all young teenagers got one.
  • In year 8, 9 and 10, I elected to do computer studies and so learnt a range of skills. However, I do remember it being quite a boring subject because we were learning about how to do things through reading instructions from a manual.
  • By the end of grade 10 I had created a myspace account. I remember creating it but having no friends on it because not many people had it at this stage. I had no idea what it was for and it took awhile to get used to it. But, only after a few months suddenly it seemed like everyone at school had an account and I was on it every night after school.
  • When I finished school I had moved on to Facebook. I really created an account on it because friends from high school that had moved to Brisbane were beginning to use it more than myspace. 
  •  The year after that I got Skype because I had friends that went overseas. I needed to create it in order to keep in contact with them and to hear about all of their adventures. 
  • Last year in my first year of university for prac, I was placed in a class where I actually learnt even more about computers and technology and the many different applications out there. This was because the class was a grade 7/6 class who were fortunate enough to have enough computers in the classroom and next door for them all to have the use of one each, most of the time. Therefore, the teacher was really embedding technology into the curriculum and I really got to see how technology can provide successful learning experiences for all learners and how it can be used to enhance learning. 
  • I still live at home with my parents and two sisters. We currently have three laptops and two computers! 
It is interesting to note that it is the use of the computer that has particularly shown up a number of times in my technology memories. I can look back at all of these experiences and see that technology has been a huge part of my life and that it has played a role in my learning. 

So yes, I do feel fairly confident with technology as I have grown up with it and used it in my everyday life. I do have a lot to learn from it and am excited to become even more knowledgeable with all of the fantastic different things that are out there that I may never have even heard of!

Thankyou for reading,

X Kira.

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